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Patient Speaks - Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

Nanavati Patient Speaks - Spine Surgery - Mr. Aloy Mbanefo Ulasi, Nigeria



It’s been more than a privilege to know such a wonderful professional like you. Wishing you a truly harmonious and a highly successful career ahead. Thank for the excellent care. It felt like home. My back pain and my activities never felt better. Thank you with all my heart.

Dickson Nwoke


I have been suffering for a long time now. Your first sight was healing. The surgery has been magical. I am back to my writing and swimming and I am enjoying it. It’s been an experience that I cannot describe. The care and sympathy that you display in surgery is amazing.

Bindiya Vaid


Your kind and thoughtful gesture in giving me courage was unparalleled. I don’t know how scared I was of spinal surgery and I kept on tolerating pain. Now I feel that the healing touch should be given to all. The Kind cruelty of a surgeons knife.

Sushma Singh


Thank you, It’s not every day that we thank someone and to someone who has done a lot for us. I mean it sincerely. I was a bit nervous when I was admitted. When you came and examined me and kept your hand on my feet and spoke everything would be fine, that moment I felt better. I wish that your healing reaches to many many patients.

Mrs. Lata Bhoir


Its through a close friend I came to you. I was very scared of coming to India for my treatment. However, when I saw the kindness in your heart, I felt at home. All my suffering is gone due to the wonderful surgery that you have done. I hope you carry my blessing and cure everyone who comes to you. Thank you.

Grace Kijjambu


Dear Dr Bapat and team, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. You were there with a helping hand just when I needed it the most. You have done the very best in curing me. You gave a part of you and took away all my pain. I am happy that I came to you.

Mr. Prashant Madival and family


Thoughtfulness is a gift. It comes from the heart and does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all the things you have in healing me. Its your belief that has made a remarkable difference in my life.

Mrs. Jayashree Petigara


Hearty thanks for the wonderfully done noble job of curing our lovely Mom Nita Shah. All these days, months and years doctors are given God’s place. Saviors like you come and make people realize, believe and keep their faith. Give a new life to every patient come what may. You are the guardian of life and answer to God’s biggest prayers.

Mrs. Nita Shah


In the things that we do, we make gods presence felt in the life of others. May you continue to be the vessel. I will always pray for you. God bless you.

Raymond Nwabueze


I have deep gratitude and admiration for your knowledge, efficiency, and warmth. I am so happy that even so far away from home, I was under excellent care under your hands. But I do hope that I won’t have to lie on the operation table again. You have been amazing every step of the way. This procedure would not have been so seamless, so comforting had you not been involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ms Uppeka Jain